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Is 'Relocation Recruitment' for you?

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

No organisation or industry is escaping the critical labour shortage. We as recruiters have to better at our marketing & are working harder for our clients in these times.

Relocation recruitment services are providing solutions for our clients facing ongoing vacancies and staff shortages. We market positions; recruit and relocate team for our clients.

Unfortunately not every position can be marketed for relocation.

Staff retention and the critical labour shortage is one of the greatest challenges facing CEOs across industries.

We have defined a set of criteria to both ensure we do not waste our clients time and maximise results. With a changing labour market, the criteria is being updated regularly and we are constantly adapting.

Below are two criteria required to market a relocation to assist you in your staff planning.

Accommodation Support

We encourage all our clients to provide accommodation support on arrival for their new employee. Labour is short, but finding a rental immediately when arriving to start a new position can be almost impossible. Often real estate agents require the individual to attend a viewing before accepting an application.

Without accommodation support in some form, you can go through the marketing, then recruitment process and your new employee may pull out as they can find it 'too difficult' and overwhelming, especially if they have a family to relocate.

We recommend 4 weeks accommodation to allow your new employee to arrive and start looking for accommodation. Sometimes our clients offer an additional number of weeks in the event the individual/family have been unable to secure accommodation.

In regional and metro areas in Western Australia, we have found all our relocating families and individuals have secured accommodation within 2-7 weeks from arrival.

“With much competition for staff, it is important to provide support and assist to ensure your new staff member has the best possible start."

Cash Relocation Package

Moving house, let along moving interstate or internationally is certainly an expensive and challenging experience. There are many costs associated with moving. If an individual or family are considering moving there has to be benefits plus remuneration benefit to counter the costs in making such a big change to their lives.

We at Rogers do not market relocation positions without a cash relocation package, because otherwise we can go through the process with many candidates but without the support they don't complete the move or start at the new position.

Personal touch

There is nothing like the personal touch. Have some one check in with the individual/family along the relocation and offer them any support or local advice. Local advice is helpful! A few email and phone call check ins along the way, requires minimal work and makes the individual/family feel cared for and sets up your new staff member for a positive start.

To discuss your positions for relocation, you can contact one of our team to discuss.



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